Palmistry is not just a medium

of Fortune-Telling for me.

It’s like a worship & adulation of my revered Gods & Deities. To fulfill this life-path of spreading awareness of this most pristine form of Divination, I did one year long certification course of Palmistry from India’s most recognized institute of occult sciences “Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan”, New Delhi.

Apart from healing & counselling people from all across the world via online consultation and maintaining a permanent point of contact for personal visits at my Delhi, NCR office. I also sporadically attend many corporate events where I get the opportunity to enthrall people with the mystical knowledge of Palmistry.

My other learning in the same genre of “Clairvoyance & Healing” includes certification courses of Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, Vaastu Shastra, Colour therapy, Gemstones & Face reading to name a few.

Before getting full-time into Meta-sciences I was pursuing a successful career in advertising wherein I was associated with some of the top international brands like DDB Mudra, Ogilvy & Mather and got the privilege of working on the most coveted corporate and political accounts. This whole experience was supported by a specialized Computer Science degree & a subsequent MBA in Marketing & International business.

About my personal life, my passion & interests are restricted to the three pillars of Creativity (Lifeline), Spirituality (Headline) & Divinity (Heart-line). Taking them one by one, CREATIVITY is like my Lifeline which has always acted as my source of vitality & energy. Whether in my work where I have to come up with some unexplored solution; or in my relationships where I have to please my near & dear ones with something jaw-droppingly surprising; or even in my daily worships where living in the culture of multitude of manifested Gods & celebrated Festivals, you get too many ways to impress the primordial supreme. Creativity has always flavored everything.

Next comes the source of my intellectual strength, my Headline, which is SPIRITUALITY. My spiritual pursuits have always been focused towards attaining a harmony between my Body, Heart & Soul. I am a staunch follower of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s run Art Of Living foundation and never misses the opportunity to do a quick rejuvenating meditation course whenever it gets planned.

Last comes the source of my emotional strength, my Heart-line, which is DIVINITY. Love for the God’s is something which I am born with, didn’t do anything to acquire it, nothing bad happened in life like heart break-ups, no perennial afflictions, no material wishes.

Just Love, Love & Pure Love