The first of the 27 lunar mansions is called Ashwini, which resides entirely within the sign of Aries the Ram, ruled by Mars. The ancient Vedic seers saw the constellation of Aries as forming a horse’s head. It constitutes of two bright stars which in modern astronomy are known as Alpha-Arietes (Hamal) & Beta-Arietes (Sheratan).




The Nakshatra itself is ruled by Ketu, the South Node of the Moon. Thus, a Mars/Ketu mixture of energy is experienced by planets which inhabit it.

‘Ashwini’ can be translated into either ‘born of a female horse’ or the ‘horse-women’. Its main symbol is a horse’s head, which is completely in sync with the functioning of this impulsive & swift nakshatra. Its alternative symbol is a ‘horse carriage consisting of two horses carrying two people’.

The Ashwini Kumaras, the two celestial horsemen, are regarded as the main presiding deities of this nakshatra. Their names are Dashra & Nasatya, which translate into “bringing help” and ‘truthfulness’ respectively. They are supposed to have knowledge of all herbs on the physical and astral plane; & are supposed to possess supernatural powers to cure any disease or fix any problem. The Ashwins can assist in childbirth, restore youth to the old and even life to the dead. This nakshatra has the power to quickly heal and reach things (shidhra vyapani shakti).

‘Spontaneous’ is the word which sums up this nakshatra’s nature & functioning. It is a nakshatra which is way ahead of all the other nakshatras as far as initiating anything is concerned. The natives with prominent Ashwini never lose a minute in converting their impulses into thoughts and their thoughts into action. The keywords which define the Ashwini nakshatra are:- Strong zest for life, lively intelligence, spirit of adventure, innocent looks, childish demeanour, distinct sense of humour, helpful nature, good dressing sense & striving to be unique in whatever they do and how they are seen.

The shadow side of Ashwini is impulsiveness, aggression, a stubborn and arrogant nature.



[NATURE: Deva (God like); PRIMARY MOTIVATION: Dharma; ANIMAL SYMBOL: Male Horse; DIRECTION: South; CASTE: Vaishya (Merchant)]

Auspicious Activities:

Good for all types of beginnings and initiations, especially those involving learning new things; Laying foundation stones; Taking medicines; Good for all healing, rejuvenation and exercise; Good for improving physical appearance, self-improvement on other levels, and age prevention techniques; Good for all activities requiring quickness of thought & action; Equine related activities; Favourable for buying or selling; Travelling; Repairing vehicles or machinery of any kind; Putting on clothes & jewellery; Planting seeds; Learning astrology and other spiritual, occult sciences; Especially good for installing sacred items such as altars, statues, temples etc.; Legal activities; Favourable for taking up a new name.                 .

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