The loop is the most commonly found finger print. In hands with mixed print patterns, approximately 90 percent of people have loops as the predominant pattern. This is fortunate, because loops indicate the kind of personality that allows people to best get along with one another. This is the consummately human pattern.

There are two types of loops:
Ulnar loop: When the loop opens from the percussion side and the arm of the loop slants toward the thumb, it is considered an ulnar loop. The Ulnar loop is easy to recognize on the fingers of Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, and Mercury because they have the thumb to point to. It is a bit trickier when judging the ulnar loop on the thumb. The opening will be on the side closer to the palm, and the arm of the loop will point outward. Ulnar loops are the mark of an adaptable, open and accommodating nature. Wherever you will find an Ulnar Loop the person can go with the flow and work as a member of the team.

Radial loop: The radial loop is just the opposite of the ulnar loop in a number of ways. The radial loop opens on the side of the thumb and slants away from it, pointing toward the percussion. The radial loop is rare; it appears primarily on the Jupiter finger and sometimes on the thumb. To find it anywhere else would be extraordinary. The radial loop combines the characteristics of the loop with those of the whorl. Although it looks like a loop, it thinks like a whorl. It is more individualistic than the Ulnar loop. When the radial loop is found on the Jupiter finger, it reinforces Jupiter’s need to assert individuality and allows the Jupiterian leadership qualities to come forth.

Composite loop: The composite fingerprint resembles two intertwined loops forming a graceful “S” pattern. Here is where ulnar and radial meet, resulting in a dual nature. This complex loop is often found on people who are intelligent yet confused. Whatever finger it is found on, people will experience two ways of thinking about the affairs of the mount archetype. This is both their strength and their weakness.

Peacock’s Eye: A “peacock’s eye” is part whorl and part loop. It is formed when a looplike pattern, either ulnar or radial, is closed at the side and has a small whorl or kernel at its core. This shape is akin to the eye in the tail of the peacock’s feather. It will combine qualities of both the whorl and the loop, with extra advantages. It is distinctive. The finger it appears on will indicate the person’s special talent or abilities.

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