About Nipun Joshi Service

How can I contact for a scientific hand analysis (Palm Reading) ?

Contact me at my Email ID: nipun.joshi10@gmail.com

What would be included in the palm reading report ?

Your report would include:

  • KNOW YOUR HAND – Comprehensive info about your hand including its shape, type, fingers, thumb color – All kind of classifications and labeling as recognized and done in Scientific hand analysis.
  • ANALYSIS – Detailed analysis of your palm covering all aspects of your life. Information about your past, present & (probable) future. Your palm lines will be specifically decoded and explained in an easy to understandable language. Your nature, talents (career), health, financial aspect, travel, education, marriage all aspects will be covered.
  • REMEDIES/ PRECAUTIONS/ SUGGESTIONS – This portion will include remedies for the betterment of life. Pertaining to the areas of vulnerability, different kinds of rejuvenation & healing solutions will be suggested. HEALING SOLUTIONS – Gemstone, chants, color therapy, breathing techniques, finger posture meditation (for the improvement of afflicted lines).
  • SPECIFIC QUESTIONS – Your asked specific questions will be answered.

What this report will NOT include ?

It will remain to be a scientific hand analysis with no space for any baseless prophecies. You will not be given any false hopes nor will you be scared for any unscientific doom.

In how many days report will be delivered ?

After receiving your payment, your report will be delivered in 5-6 days.

How report will be delivered ?

Your report will be shared in a pdf format on your provided email id.

How to capture palm images ?

You can capture your palm images by DSLR, Mobile camera or scanner. Our requirement is clear photographs.

In what angles & how many images do we have to capture ?

You have to capture 3 images for each hand (both left & right).

  1. Close up palm views.
  2. Complete (full) hand views.
  3. Side views.

See the ref images below

What other information is required ?

  • Your gender Male/ Female
  • Your location
  • Your age
  • Your specific questions

Do I also need to share my birth details (Date of birth, Time of birth & Place of birth) like the way it is required for astrology reports ?

It’s optional, not mandatory.

(Always remember, your psychic doesn’t have to impress you with his knowledge rather he has to fix & guide things for you. The more you will share with your Psychic, the better it is for Him to dig deep into your life)

Payment Questions

What is the cost of scientific hand analysis (Detailed Palm Reading) ?

Cost of Palm reading:

India – Rs 2500

Outside India – $50

How will it get confirmed that payment has been made ?

You need to provide some proof of the payment like:

UTR/ Reference number of transaction:

Screenshot of payment:

Receipt/slip photo of payment:

What are the payment options for people living outside India ?

Payment options for International clients:

International clients (those who are living outside India) need to pay 50 USD via PayPal or Western Union Money Transfer.

Paypal : (Paypal ID:  )

(Please select “goods or services” instead of personal)

Western Union:

What are the payment options for people living in India ?

Payment options for Indian clients:

India clients need to pay Rs 2500/- in SBI bank via net banking or direct cash deposit.


SBI Bank: (State Bank of India)