In today’s day & age, everyone prefers to have multiple sources of income in order to save themselves from the tyrannies of the varying market conditions, job attrition rate & sky high targets… But the real problem comes when instead of proper planning & contemplation; Greed & Whims become the feeding pipes of investment….. Also not to deny other forms of risky ventures like gambling & speculation which also puts someone’s finances on Radar. So how can we see these kinds of people via mirrors of Palmistry? Let’s have a detailed analysis –

We will understand this tendency of Gambling in three layers. (1) Different constitution of hands & their attitude towards money management, (2) Archetype signs of a Gambler, (3) Signs of vulnerability to investment in the form of losses

On the basis of elements, hands can be classified into 4 types

Earth Hand (Palm Shape – Square, Length of Fingers – Short )
These people tend to remain cautious in terms of their finances and belong to those types who believe in meticulously keeping aside fixed chunk of money from their total income

Air hand (Palm Shape – Square, Length of Fingers – Long )
These are the most intellectual & investment savvy people who know how & when to move there money to earn maximum returns

Fire Hand (Palm Shape – Rectangular, Length of Fingers – Short )
These people are most vulnerable to falling prey to Ponzi-schemes because of their high intensity & quickness in taking actions

Water Hand (Palm Shape – Rectangular, Length of Fingers – Long )
These people are not investment savvy & tend to take more interest in Creative pursuits. More than their bank balance, they take more interest in building their soul progress

Our fingers also tell about our money management abilities –

Straight index finger tells about someone who works with complete integrity in all of his financial dealings. However, if this Index finger found to be leaning towards Thumb, it makes someone very adventurous would love to explore investment markets & if leaning towards middle finger, it would make person very thoughtful regarding his investments.. Closely held Index & Middle finger makes someone too timid to be indulging in speculation. Short middle finger & crooked little finger tells about inefficiency & untrustworthiness in the matters of finance.



Primary Signs Of Gambling –


Long ring finger (equivalent to middle finger) – Our ring finger tells about our risk taking ability, if found to be too long, it makes someone too outgoing, excessively indulgent in speculation & easily lured by different kinds of money making schemes

The absence of knots – Presence of knots or bumps at the sides of fingers make someone’s thinking pattern, contemplative & analytical. Their absence along with long ring finger just aggravates the whole situation & makes someone easily swayed by the temptation of speculation & gambling

Headline curving downwards – Headline tells about our logics, thinking pattern, memory & ability to comprehend things. Any time you will find a long Headline curving downwards at its end on the Mount of moon. It makes the person less practical & more prone to daydreaming and striving for easy gains

Mount of Mercury & Mars prominent – If these two mounts are found to be in a prominent state, it makes someone go-getter & little bit shrewd & clever in business dealings

Thick lower 3rd phalanges – The 3rd phalange of our fingers represent the Tamas qualities. In palmistry, if any phalange (1st, 2nd or 3rd) tends to be proportionately longer than others, it makes the signification of that phalange prominent in the personality of the individual. And in case, if you find the phalanges to be thick, it just makes those signification manifest in excess in the life of an individual. So, thicker 3rd phalanges of fingers make an individual indulgent in all kinds of luxuries of life including Food, drink & gambling

Outcome of Investment –

When it comes to judging the fructification of one’s invested money or progress of business, we always judge it on three lines Sunline, Fate line & Mercury line. The process is very simple, we need to age the lines. So the age which native is running at the time of investment, mapping the above-mentioned three lines at that age. If line is found to be broken, fragmented or with the presence of negative signs like mole, net or cross, losses can be predicted otherwise a smooth transaction with good returns can be expected

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