When it comes to understanding the meaning of signs and symbols marked on our palm, there are two ways to it. First, there are those signs which are unequivocally acknowledged everywhere like square (protection); triangle (intelligence); star (illumination or explosion); trident (brilliance). Then comes the Second category, in which those signs come which have their mention only in the Hindu books of Palmistry. These signs hold a lot of significance as they are time tested in the hands of uncountable people & we also have to acknowledge the fact that roots of the art & science of Divination “Palmistry” lies in India only. So, there are few of the prominent signs of the Hindu palmistry lore which are mentioned below for the palmistry enthusiasts.

The Temple: Great reformers and famous social workers have such a sign on their hands. Should the hand be materialistic, this sign bestows vast wealth on the subject. The temple mark shows that the subject will occupy a very high position in society.

The Conch: The native having this sign will be learned, and could be scholar. But if the subject has a materialistic hand, he will become a millionaire. The interpretation varies according to the type of hand and other features of the palms.

The Lotus: This sign is called Padma in Sanskrit. It is a rare sign. A subject having this sign will be interested in Divine pursuits. He will not show much interest in affairs of the world.

The Flag: The subject with this mark will be distinguished in society. He will possess strength of character and be capable of strong self-discipline. Prominent people in society will have this favourable mark on their palms. The subject will have property transferred to him, will be strong financially, and will also enjoy peace of mind.

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