Ketu refers to the point at which the Moon crosses the ecliptic to the south. In Vedic palmistry, it is referred to as the Dragon’s Tail. Ketu is positioned at the bottom of the palm and includes the bracelets of the wrist; it is bordered by the Luna and Venus mounts, creating a cave.

Ketu indicates our past karma and its influences. The mount of Ketu is a record of the thoughts, ideals, hopes, and fears that we have carried from the past into the present life. The degree to which we have learned to integrate body, mind, and soul from previous incarnations is seen through a study of Ketu. This mount shows the strength of our first tentative steps in the life’s journey. Consequently, the quality of this mount can indicate how our future may unfold.

When it comes to checking its formation on our palm it can be categorised into three levels – WELL DEVELOPED, UNDER DEVELOPED, OVER DEVELOPED.

These three levels can be looked at both spiritual & rational level as –

Well Developed: An ideal Ketu mount shows that we have assimilated the wisdom acquired in past lives and that we are ready to build upon that foundation to embrace new karma.

Under Developed: An underdeveloped Ketu suggests an inhibition or fear of going forward in life; we wish to remain safe, holding onto the familiarity of past memories. We need to relinquish our fears, hurts, and insecurities to make room for new challenges in the present.

Overdeveloped: An overdeveloped Ketu shows that we are too eager to rush headlong into new experiences without taking the time to digest and profit from past karmic lessons. We need to develop a proper sense of judgement, tempered with caution, before embarking on any new venture.

Ketu remains strongest from the 5th year to the 20th year of the age of someone’s life. And what has been written in the Hindu scriptures devoted to the Divine science of palmistry is that the prominence of the region of Ketu should be judged in combination with the state of Fate Line. So, if along with a protruded & well-formed Mount of Ketu you will find Fate Line unafflicted the person will get good education, will not face the problems of childhood diseases. And if Fate line will be afflicted, then despite of a robust constitution of Mount of Ketu, person will still face the impediments in enjoying good health & getting good education.
The relationship between Rahu and Ketu can be summed up by the well-known Sanskrit verse that tells us that “our present is the result of all our yesterdays, and the future depends on how well we live today.”

STAR (Wisdom, intelligence, good education), TRIANGLE (limitless wealth, sharp mind), CROSS (Dishonour, problem in education), DOT (Hallucinations), SQUARE (Honour by govt), CIRCLE (High post in army), ISLAND (Weakness, disease, bad luck ), TRIDENT (Joy, fame, wit, good deeds done in past life), NET (loss in speculation, life of penury).

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