Punarvasu, the heralder of Jupiterian energy consists of the two bright stars in the constellation of Gemini, known in modern astronomy as Castor (Alpha-Geminorium) & Pollux (Beta-Geminorium).

The ruling planet is Jupiter, although a strong Mercury influence is experienced in the first 3 padas, which are placed in the sign of Gemini. The combination of Mercury & Jupiter can produce great intellectual and spiritual wisdom. The Indian saint Ramana Maharishi had his natal Moon placed in Punarvasu.

Punarvasu translates into “Good Again”, “Wealthy Again” or the “Visible Infinity”. The most accepted symbol of Punarvasu is a ‘quiver full of arrows’. Sometimes one single arrow is taken as its symbol, but in both cases the arrow symbolism dominates the discussion of this nakshatra.

The ruling deity of this asterism is the mother goddess Aditi, who tends the ground on which healthy seeds can eventually bear fruit. Her power is the ability to gain wealth or substance (vasutva prapana shakti). Aditi is the earth goddess who grants all abundance and gives birth to all the Gods.

The essence of Punarvasu’s nature and functioning lies in two words, “Nurturing” and “Harmony”. The inherent calm of this nakshatra makes natives strongly under its influence, contented people, who get satisfied easily. They believe in living a simple, spiritual life and strive hard to get rid of any negative energies, feelings or thoughts, which may obstruct their evolutionary process.

The shadow side of Punarvasu is a tendency to over-intellectualize life experiences, which can produce a critical nature.


[NATURE: Deva (God like); PRIMARY MOTIVATION: Artha (Material prosperity); ANIMAL SYMBOL: Female Cat; DIRECTION: North; CASTE: Merchant]

Auspicious Activities:

Travelling & exploring; Making pilgrimages; Taking Medicines & all healing activities; Good for “Starting Over Again” in Projects, Relationships etc.; All Agricultural & Gardening Activities; All activities requiring Imagination & innovation; Buying cars & Homes; Starting work on a building; Starting educational activities; Auspicious for marriage; Good for dealing with children; Philanthropic activities like donations, teaching; Good for Spiritual activities like Fasting, Installing Altars, meditation & Self-reflection; A time for enjoying life’s simple pleasures; Very good for worship of the Divine Mother Goddess.





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