Pushya comprises of three stars in the constellation of Cancer, known in modern astronomy as Theta-Cancri, Gamma-Cancri & Eta-Cancri. The ancient seers saw these stars as resembling an “udder of a cow”.

Pushya translates into the “Nourisher”, the “Nurturer” or the “Yielding”. This simple name carries within itself the essence of this nakshatra. Its ancient name is “Tishya”, which translates into auispicious and “Sidhya” meaning prosperous.

Its main symbol is the “milk yielding udder of a cow”. However, some scholars also associate ‘wheel’ & ‘flower’ as its alternative symbols.

The ruling deity is wise Brihaspati, the lord of sacred speech and prayer. According to the ancient Vedic texts, Lord Shiva made Brihaspati into the planet Jupiter. Accordingly, Jupiter becomes exalted in Pushya, reflecting intuitive wisdom, good fortune, powerful speech and purification of the psyche. This Nakshatra’s power is the ability to create spiritual energy (brahmavarchasa shakti). All forms of worship & spiritual practice are emphasized here.

The ruling planet is Saturn, which brings stability and enables creativity to fructify into entirely new forms. A vibrant tranquillity, faith in oneself, and fullness of life can occur due to the interaction of Jupiter & Saturn. Pushya increases our positive efforts and good karma through hardwork and discipline. It is a laghu or light nakshatra which is excellent for starting a business or operating an office.

Pushya is that place on our journey where we can rest safely and peacefully without anything to fear. It is the most nourishing of all nakshatras and brings us back to that state in our infancy where we are safely nestled in our mother’s arms. That is why natives strongly ruled by Pushya are very maternal, kind, helpful, generous, protective & nourishing.

The dark side of Pushya can be a stubborn, selfish nature. Arrogance, pride and jealousy may be experienced at times.


[NATURE: Deva (God like); PRIMARY MOTIVATION: Dharma; ANIMAL SYMBOL: Male Sheep; DIRECTION: East; CASTE: Kshatriya (Warrior)]

Auspicious Activities:

The best nakshatra for starting anything; Parties, Celebrations, Artistic & Creative activities especially Music & Dancing; Travelling; Dealing with Enemies (enemies are at their weakest in Pushya and cannot cause much harm); Seeking legal aid; Financial planning & transactions; Cooking & food preparations; Gardening; Adoption & purchasing pets; All activities related to Children; All healing, Soothing and Nourishing activities in general; Religious or Spiritual Endeavours like Initiations; Spending time with one’s Mother; Good for worshipping Mother Goddess energies; Laying foundation Stones and Starting construction; Seeking help in general.        .

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