PROPITIATING RAHU: There is a list of remedies which have been advised by our revered sages to appease the negative effects of planets in our lives. As is the case with all other planets, the communication lines with Rahu & Ketu are open if one wants to establish contact. There might be different reasons as to why one would want to establish contact – it might be due to suffering, desire for material gains, wish to gain knowledge or just a sincere recognition of these universal forces. The propitiation of any planet never goes empty, as Brahma, the creator, has laid down the following code for all planets to follow – “If anyone asks you for a favour, you have to reciprocate by fulfilling their wish”. Vedic teachings as we know sees planets as celestial beings. This personal approach makes propitiating them akin to getting a person to act in one’s favour.

DEITY ASSOCIATION: Rahu’s presiding deity is Goddess Durga. Propitiating her is the best way to get Rahu on your side. She can be propitiated by the regular repetition of the following mantra (sound totem) –

“Om Shree Durgaye Namah”

This should be repeated 108 times every Wednesday, Friday or Saturday. Sage Parashara gives the figure of 18,000 for the repetition of Rahu’s mantra’s. But taking into consideration the nature of the times we live in , all mantras prescribed for Rahu should be repeated 108 times in one sitting unless otherwise indicated. It is good to face the South-Western direction while reciting these mantras. It is also advisable to have an image of Goddess Durga in front of you.

In India, many astrologers even recommend someone going through the adversities of Rahu to worship Goddess in the form of embodiment of knowledge, learning & wisdom which is “Goddess Saraswati”. This completely makes sense because Rahu is a malefic, mischievous & notorious energy which can only be tamed through Gyan (knowledge) & wise teachings which Goddess Saraswati represent.
Another deity which is associated with Rahu is the ferocious incarnation of Lord Shiva which is “Lord Bhairava”. As to tame a powerful outlaw, even the antidote needs to be super powerful and our Hindu scriptures are filled with the praise of Lord Bhairavas ferocious and courageous persona. Severe of the afflictions like litigations, evil ghost influence get appeased by taking refuge in the worship of Lord Bhairava.

MANTRA: The main mantra for Rahu is – “Om Rahave Namah”. The alternative smaller mantra is – “Om Ram”. “Ram” is pronounced as “Rahm” out here.

The tantric mantra for Rahu is –
“Om Bhraam Bhreem Bhrom Sah Rahave Namah”

The full Vedic mantra is –

“Om Bhraam Bhreem Bhraum Sah Om Bhoorbhava Svaha Om Kyanishchitra Abhoov Dooti Sadavriddha Sabha Kayasha Chisth Yavrita. Om Svaha Bhuvah Bhah Om Sah Bhraum Bhreem Bhraam Om Rahave Namah”

The Puranic mantra for Rahu is –
“Om Shrardhkarya Mahavirya Chandra Aditya Vimardanam, Simhikaya Bhrasambhut Tam Rahu Prun Mamyaham.”

Those who have difficulty pronouncing these longer mantras should stick to the smaller mantras. Shiva’s root mantra – “Om Hoom” is also helpful for curbing the negative effects of Rahu. Even Durga’s root mantra – “Om Dhoom” can be used.

The regular use of any of these mantras is the best way to get Rahu on your side. They have no negative side effects and will always relieve one’s suffering and aid in one’s evolutionary process.



13 8 15
14 12 10
9 16 11

One should draw this yantra on a piece of paper and keep it with them in their purse, pocket or under the pillow. Alternatively, one can inscribe it on a square piece of silver which can be worn around the neck as a pendant or kept on an altar. The dimensions of the piece of silver can be either 1.08 cm square or 1.08 inches square.
It is advisable to start using the yantra from a Wednesday, Friday or Saturday, when the moon is waxing. Moon occupying one of the asterisms of Rahu on the day of wearing is another factor which improves the auspiciousness. It should also be empowered by reciting Rahu’s mantra 108 times.


RUDRAKSHA: “Eight faced rudraksha” is also recommended to appease the negative effects of Rahu


GEMSTONE: Rahu is most closely related to Gomed or ‘Hessonite Quartz’. One can use a clear piece of this gem weighing at least 5 carats. It should preferably be set in Panchdhatu, a special mixture of 5 metals. Alternatively, one can use silver, copper or bronze. The other gems which can be worn for Rahu are Brown Agate and Brown Tourmaline. The ring is worn on the middle finger. It should first be put on a Wednesday, when the moon is waxing. It can also be worn on a Friday or Saturday. Moon occupying one of the asterisms of Rahu on the day of wearing is another factor which improves the auspiciousness. Even then one should test the stone by keeping it under the pillow and sleeping on it for a couple of nights. If one gets good dreams then only one should consider wearing the stone.
Gemstones increase the energy of the planet for better or worse, so wearing them is a sort of a gamble. If a gem is worn for Rahu one will see an increase in its good effects but one will also see an increase in its negative effects. This is why it is dangerous to wear its gemstone to cure its adverse results.
Herbs such as Eucalyptus, sage, Basil and Calamus can be used for controlling the negative energy of Rahu. Amongst them Basil is the best herb. It has been extolled in Vedic scriptures as the Queen of all the herbs.
For increasing the energy of Rahu, one can use Rahu plants like Garlic and Onions. Rahu as we know is most closely associated with Black Gram. Feeding this to ants, birds and other animals is a simple way of propitiating Rahu.
Among the oils, Rahu is most connected to Mustard and Linseed Oils. The use of these oils through personal use as in massage or cooking, or donating them to charity is another way of propitiating Rahu.
Strong aromas like Camphor, Frankincense and Wintergreen are also helpful for balancing Rahu’s energy. Sandalwood has been seen to be the best fragrance to calm down Rahu’s disturbing energy. This is probably the reason why in India, there is a custom of putting sandalwood paste on the forehead every morning after a bath.

The main symbols associated with Rahu are the Trident and the Magnet. The Trident, a powerful symbol revered by many ancient cultures is esoterically connected with the three-pronged functioning of nature. It is thus a symbol of fusion, which Rahu is seen to represent. Rahu’s ability to bring forth order out of chaos through fusion, integration, blending and coordination of the three attributes of the nature is also related with this symbol. The magnet with a horseshoe shape is the main symbol of Rahu representing its powerful but illusionary magnetic quality.
Rahu as we know holds a sword in his hand for the purpose of attack and defence. Thus, sword is another symbol related to Rahu. Swords in general are donated to ward off the bad effects of Rahu.
The colours associated with Rahu are – flame red & bright yellow, all shades and variations of blue like sky blue; purple and violet; all shades of brown; all the pastel shades and sunset colours. Electric blue is a colour which is strongly connected with Rahu. In the spectrum of electromagnetic waves or different types of light, Rahu represents Ultraviolet light, which as we know is invisible to the human eye as it falls out of the visible spectrum of light represented by VIBGYOR
The use of these colours in one’s clothes and surroundings helps increase the energy of Rahu. Wearing clothes and fabrics which fall under Rahu’s domain is another way of boosting Rahu’s energy. Donating Rahu clothes and things having Rahu colours helps ward off the negative effects of Rahu.
For example, blue and black colours are associated with Rahu, and blankets as we know are special Rahu significations. Donating blue and black blankets in charity is a good way of propitiating Rahu

Lal Kitab or the Red Book is an obscure astrological treatise which has special insights into the functioning of Rahu & Ketu. Below are some general remedies for Rahu which seem to work quite well
Drop one blue flower in flowing water for 42 days.
Donate blue or black blankets to a religious place or institution.
Drop one kilogram of lead, divided into 8 parts, in a river, or any other source of flowing water.
If one is a smoker, one should if possible, smoke through a silver pipe or silver cigarette holder
Offer cigarettes to smokers
Do something good/ positive for your maternal grandmother or paternal grandfather.

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