If there is one sign in Palmistry which can encapsulate Divinity marked in someone’s palm, then that is Ring of Solomon. This formation indicates wisdom & ability to do well in psychology & spirituality. As it infuses great curiosity in native to probe other people’s mind & majority of the times possessor of this “Ring of Solomon” ends up becoming a master of various Meta science subjects like astrology, numerology, palmistry to name a few. Not only these people show great interest towards these subjects but they also carry great potential to go deep in the research of these subjects.

The other side of this “Ring of Solomon” is love for spirituality, religious austerities, associating with humanitarian causes & embracing virtuous deeds. Rarely will you find these people going astray from the path of righteousness & falling prey to modern day vices like greed, anger, lust or unlawful activities. This “Ring of Solomon” is a common occurrence in the hands of people placed in high & respectful positions in the society like judges, lawyers, doctors and big businessman.

As the name suggests, the ideal formation of this “Ring of Solomon” is of an arc or ring shape at the bottom of index finger on the Mount of Jupiter, which indicates intuitive wisdom. But many a times you will also find it in the straight line formation, which indicates logical approach to wisdom.

Some rare enlightened combination including Ring of Solomon are when you will find Heart line touching the “Ring of Solomon” which indicates person being filled with high ideals & altruism. And if the “Ring of Solomon” is little bit high set on the mount of Jupiter with Heart line in a fork combination making a triangle on it, this would indicate that the person’s spirituality is heightened, person might have the ability to directly contact the spirit.

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